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Friday, January 14, 2011

Towards excellence...

Yadeva Vidyaya Karoti,
Sraddhaya, Upanisada,
tadeva Viryavattaram bhavati

  Chandogya Upanisad 1.1.10

Whatever work is done with knowledge,
through faith and backed by meditation,
that alone becomes most effective.

Vidya—knowledge—the theoretical and conceptual clarity of subject is the primordial requirement for efficiency in work.

Knowledge, sans Sraddha—faith—remains static, remains as a mere possession.  Sraddha evinced by the seeker alone energises the Vidya and ensures its transformation into Karma—action.

Swami Vivekananda once said: “What makes the difference between man and man is the difference in this Sraddha and nothing else.  He who thinks himself weak, will become weak.” Faith simply generates ‘belief’. And belief in one’s knowledge-power alone makes things happen.

“Sraddha Sraddhamayoyam purso yo yat Sraddha na eva sah” – “Man consists of Sraddha.  Whatever be the measure of his Sraddha, that will be the measure of his life as well” - says the Gita. Therefore, one need to acquire Sraddha—this deep faith in oneself, so that one may develop into a dynamic character.

‘Knowledge’ can be imparted but no training can impart SraddhaSraddha has to be captured by oneself.  Sraddha is more of a spiritual value. It moves a man from within. Its simply a reflection of the richness of the personality.  It imparts an artistic quality to one’s life and work.   Faith in oneself, in the divine within, is the greatest source of enrichment of a personality.  Such a person works out of the fullness of one’s heart.

This Sraddha, however, needs to be properly channelised.  Upanisad—calm meditation—is the one thing that helps in properly directing and disciplining one’s knowledge. It makes one’s actions meaningful, Sarvopakari—good for everyone.

This flow of the man’s energy from faith, Sraddha through knowledge, Vidya to action, Karma is the basis of efficiency. But this flow is prone to suffer shutdowns due to ups and downs in the emotional life of the worker.  Inner disintegration or want of integration results in outer disorganisation.  This automatically lowers the efficiency. On the other hand, Upanisad—meditation helps in  arresting these disturbances. Meditation gathers mind into itself.  When mind takes leave of the body, thought becomes crystal clear.

Upanisad—meditation, fortifies the worker and his work. That fortification scatters fearlessness, love and peace all round. It simply unites ‘philanthropic efficiency with philosophic calm’.  That alone makes ‘governance’ a   Sarvahit—‘omni-benefactary’.

A ‘governance’ that is driven by these values of Vidya, Sraddha and Upanisad can simply excel in its effect, efficiency and acceptability.

What a blessed insight!
 -         GRK Murty


Venkatesh Kumar said...

wonderful shloka and explanation! thanks for sharing

karpuramanjari said...

Thanks Mr Venkatesh Kumar for the visit...

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