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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hi! Manager, How effective are you?

In an informal survey, a group of management trainees were asked to enlist the ‘attributes’ of a Manager which in their opinion, would serve him as potential tools for his effectiveness as team leader and here the outcome is:

Functional Definition
Hard Work
Long hours of emotional attachment, physical energy; self discipline.
Analytical Strength
Clarity of thought; ability to see relationships among diverse concepts.
Ability to be a ‘self-starter’.
Attention to Details
Thoroughness; orderliness; meticulousness.
Vision; articulation; consistency in action, thoughts and deeds; personal sacrifice.
Logical; oral and written communication skills; negotiation skills.
Ability to seek opportunities and enlist support of low cost resources; business acumen.
Unconventional; queer; speculative; eager to make isolated ideas into the fused whole.
Value for ‘Values’
Missionary zeal for qualitative upgradation.
Influencing Without Positional Power
Political acumen; social sensitivity
Self confidence; managing disappointments; innovative.
Team Skills
Ability to manage and work with group and individuals from diverse backgrounds; sensitivity to the needs of the group members; willingness to make sacrifice for meeting the group’s aspirations.

Check, where  you stand....  

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