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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Isn’t it Ironic!

Original Story in Telugu by  Bollimuntha Sivaramakrishna

“Hoo… Hoo… Hoo… Amma! Cover me at least with your pallu!” said the half-naked boy shivering in biting cold.

Beta! It’s pretty worn out! Can it shield you from cold?” said the mother in a “poverty-laden” tone.

Amma, isn’t it my Baba (Dad) who weaves bed sheets and sarees? How come we don’t have any of them for our use?”

Beta, we weave them for wages! We should have money to buy them.”

“Won’t we get money if Baba weaves clothes? Why doesn’t he weave them?”

“For want of buyers bales and bales of clothes remain unsold. What is the gain in weaving more?”

Amma, are people so overstuffed with clothes that they have stopped buying? And we don’t have anything?”

“It’s not because of over-stuffing but because there is no money that people are not buying clothes.”

“Without work nobody gets money, Right?”


“With no money, no one can buy clothes, Right?”


“When nobody buys, they remain stacked, Right?”


“So long as they remain unsold, no new jobs, Right?”


“No work means no money; no money means no buying of clothes; no buying of clothes means no work. No work means?”

“Time to stop this crazy ... talk …”

Amma! Hoo… Hoo… it is pretty cold ...  biting ...  now...”


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