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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Original in Telugu by:
Tripuraneni Gopichand

GRK Murty

Once, a poet was addressing a gathering as follows:

“I don’t know whether you have noticed or not, I am greater than Tikkana. There are many greater qualities in my poetry than in Tikkana’s. Among all those born in India till date I only, am greater than Tikkana…”

Rising suddenly, an audience asked—“What is the proof for considering you greater than Tikkana?”

“Proof?...proof,” the poet struggled for words.

Another got up and said:

“Why not, there are many evidences. Tikkana wrote poetry, he too wrote poetry. Tikkana too was born, this poet too was born. From these it becomes evident that Tikkana and this poet had too many similarities. Now, coming to the question: How is he greater than Tikkana? Tikkana is dead; he is not,” saying so he sat.

The poet’s face turned chalk white.



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