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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obedient Husband

Original in Telugu by:
Tripuraneni Gopichand

GRK Murty

Kistayya asked Ramamurty: “You’re the nobility. You’re supposed to be the sermonizer of the plebeians. How come you’re behaving like this?”

Kistayya is the friend of Ramamurty. As though he came on some work, spoke this and that, and finally zeroed in on the issue.

Ramamurty could not understand what Kistayya was talking about. He could, however, sense that he had come to give him advice on some serious issue.

“What have I done now? Tell me correctly. Otherwise, how would I come to know?” said Ramamurty.

For a while, Kistayya was in a dilemma.  Started thinking as to how to present what he wanted to say. Finally, he said: “Your wife might be good-natured. I won’t deny. However, aren’t you required to think of pros and cons? Simply to believe everything that she says!” said Kistayya.

“Shoot out straight—don’t torture me with dilly-dallying,” said Ramamurty.

Ramamurty appeared to have sensed what Kistayya is up to.

“Listening to what your wife says, you seem to be quarreling with all your relatives! Tell me, how good is that? If others come to know, what would they think?” asked Kistayya.

For a minute, Ramamurty remained silent —“Who said this to you?” asked he.

“My wife told me.”


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